General sales conditions

General sales conditions

The general sales conditions govern any supply of the TEXELCO goods to its customers as natural or legal entities acting in the exercise of business or professional activity, or their intermediaries. For everything that is not expressly indicated here, the rules of the Italian Civil Code concerning commercial transactions apply.

The prices indicated in the current pricelist are exclusive of VAT costs, customs duties, packaging and any other right. Except other written agreements, prices may be subject to change.

Orders must always be sent in written form or by e-mail and accompanied by all Buyer’s commercial and fiscal data.
Texelco reserves the right to refuse orders by e-mail if they don’t provide adequate data for the correct sender’s identification, or reject them in case there are attachments infected with viruses or dubious origin.

Order quantities
Some products are supplied in packs. The ordered quantities of these articles should therefore be multiple of the quantities contained in the packages.

Order Cancellations and Amendments
Changes and order cancellations will be accepted or not, depending on the progress of the order. Will not be accepted changes or order cancellations of special items. All conditions specified in the order confirmation will be deemed accepted, without reservation, after 2 working days from the date of confirmation. What is indicated in the customer’s purchase order is not binding unless confirmed.

The supply includes only what is explicitly stated in the order confirmation. In accordance with article 1461 of the Italian Civil Code, in the event of a change in the customer’s financial situation, the supply may be suspended at any time.

Minimum billing amount
Except different trade agreements, the minimum billing amount is 100 Euros, excluding VAT. For orders of less than 100 Euros will be applied a fee of 20 Euros. The invoicing period will be monthly.

The delivery is indicated in the order confirmation and shows the day on which the goods can be available at the Fagnano Olona warehouse.
Texelco undertakes to respect the delivery date indicated on the order confirmation it being understood that it always has an indicative value and cannot be opposed as evidence of non-compliance.

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the delivery time is ExWorks Fagnano Olona, according to the Incoterms® 2020 (published by the ICC). At the customer’s request, shipments are carried out carriage prepaid with invoice charge, is understood by the parties that the goods always travels under the responsibility of the customer. He must verify the goods integrity and the packages number indicated in the document. In case of any inconsistency the Customer have to accept the goods “subject to control” specifying the evidence of damage on the delivery note.
Any deficiencies or errors must be writing reported  within 8 days from date the goods receipt to the email address: info@texelco.it

Payment method
Payments due by the customer must be made within the deadlines set out in the order confirmation or contract. Texelco retains the right to suspend delivery of current orders in the event of late payment and to impose an interest rate as mandated by the European Directive 2011/7/EU. Any technical or commercial disputes do not entitle to the suspension of payments. All payments must be made by the agreed dates without any deduction.

Any returns will not be accepted unless previously approved and authorized in written form. Otherwise Texelco reserves the right to reject the goods through the same carrier at the expense to the customer. Returns must be received no later than 3 months from the authorization date.  After this period, returns will not be accepted. The returned material and its packaging must be intact and damage-free. The packaging costs for the return are borne by the customer.

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of shipment of the material. The warranty does not cover products damaged for misuse, neglect, improper mounting, not even wear parts, products used outside the technological limits described in the catalogue, or items not supported by proper maintenance. Texelco Srl undertakes to repair or replace all or part of the products with proven manufacturing defects, if the relevant communication has taken place within the time limits indicated above and the goods are used correctly in accordance with their intended use and the technical documentation provided. A simple discrepancy from catalog data that does not affect the overall functionality of the product cannot be considered a defect.
The warranty is limited to the commitment of the seller to replace the goods that show constructive defects, without any liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from such defects and cannot be invoked when the Buyer has tampered with the claimed article. The guarantee is subject to the respect of payments by the customer.
Any articles provided free of charge or "SAMPLE" items are to be considered as purely demonstrative and are not covered by warranty.
The Buyer expressly waives the right of redress provided under art. 131 D. Lgs. 206/2005 - Consumer Code - against Texelco in the event of a dispute by the final purchaser, retailers or other intermediaries.

In order to improve the products, they may be amended at any time and without notice.

Retention of title
The goods shipped remain the property of Texelco until the balance of payments due.

For any dispute, jurisdiction lies exclusively with the Court of Como, Italy.