Complete range including magnetodynamic or piezoelectric buzzers for panel mounting.


Full range with magnetodinamic or piezo-electric acoustic detectors. High efficiency, continuous operation and low power consumptions.

Diameter: 62
IP 54

The compact electronic sounders 710 series have great performance, continuous operation and low power consumption.

Diameter: 101
IP 65

Acoustic signalling devices and buzzers

The acoustic signalling devices shall communicate by tones, sequences and frequencies

The acoustic signalling are used when:

  • There are limitations for warning lights use, especially in plants where the operator doing his functions can lose contact with the light message.
  • In potentially dangerous situations when redundance of information is required and the worker’s attention must be attracted immediately with a buzzer.
Avvisatori Acustici

Our acoustic signalling devices are audible and easily identifiable by operators and people
present in the signal coverage area.

Electronic sounders, multitone and low frequency detectors are easily recognizable. The sure identification guarantees an additional safety and the protection of the operators.

The audible signal produced by the acoustic devices shall be clearly audible. The low frequency (600 Hz) buzzers are the only ones able to easily overcome obstacles and are well suited for this purpose.

Avvisatori Acustici

Multi-channel buzzers have the possibility to modify the tone remotely and offer the possibility of an articulate man-machine communication. The operator is able to know the machine status in the absence of visibility situations and without the necessity to leave the workstation.

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