TEXELCO was founded in the 1970s, when it began manufacturing components and systems for the automation of industrial plants and machinery. TEXELCO was the first in Italy and among the very first worldwide to develop a vertical signaling system visible from a distance and from any angle. At Texelco, we laid the groundwork allowing machinery to communicate with operators via a color signaling code.


During the early �??80s, our sensitivity to social issues led us to develop safety systems for machine control operators, well before the enactment of specific EU directives. We were among the first worldwide to develop safety switches and sensors. 1984 was the beginning of our partnership with Kronenberg GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of safety devices. The markets rewarded us, so that the need arose for a new organization, and the company changed its name in 1988 to T.E. The new organizational structure led to rapid developments.


By the late �??90s, the technology on our entire production range was totally renewed, providing the markets with increasingly more sophisticated and innovative products. In short, we developed new signal lights, LED lamps, safety sensors and switches. In order to respond more specifically and promptly to new market challenges, in early 2003 the corporate structure was divided: T.E. would continue to represent Kronenberg, whereas the research, development and production sector would henceforth be called TEXELCO. TEXELCO�??s goals for the new millennium: improve efficiency, guarantee increasingly innovative solutions to customers, become the reference point for European customers.


TEXELCO is currently situated in one of Europe�??s most productive and technologically advanced areas: the industrial triangle between Milan, Varese and Como. At TEXELCO our philosophy is to operate in partnership with our customers, through continuous controls conducted on our production cycle that ensure high quality products at the right price. Our core strength at TEXELCO lies in identifying the complex needs of our customers, combined with meeting logistical requirements and providing prompt deliveries.

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